The Technician is played by Charlotte McGinn. A stilt walker since the age of five. Also a strong muscian.

Luca is performed by NatLunatrick A variety street theatre artist for many years. See his website for more details.

My name is Leah Wells (World Walker), I am 42 and based in the North East of England

            I have worked in street theatre as a stilt walker and costume maker around the globe, since 1995. I was trained by Neighbourhood Watch Stilts International. I worked for N.W.S.I. for 7 years and visited over 17 countries. I have been a member of Equity from 1998 and I am dedicated to providing the highest standard of performance and tailored service.

As well as working in street theatre I have worked as a 3D artist on video game projects as an environament creator on Harry potter. A lighting creator on Animaniacs and the movie sequence director on the chart success, Mace Griffin Bounty Hunter for Xbox and Playstation 2.


Thank you for looking at my art. I hope it inspires and excite you.