"A stunning and skilful character walkabout that stands head and shoulders above the rest" Haggis McLeod, Glastonbury Circus and Theatre area organiser 2014


World Walker presents a jawdroping walkabout and a theatrical narrative experience like no other. With booming voices and more than real presence these interdimensional beings will transport you to a different reality where it is like coming face to face with an Alien Entity for the first time.


after the world ended

Our new show set around a clockwork theme, "After The World Ended" is a narrative street theatre arena show dripping with atmosphere, thrills and excitement. Through physical theatre it tells the story of life, mortality and rebirth. With synchrionised live sounds, booming volume and high quality costumes our story plays out like a movie infront of your eyes.

The show time can be increased with an interactive walkabout; see below.


As well as our narrative, World Walker can also perform an interactive world class walkabout. Using the live voices of the performers in the costumes and with each of the two large characters being able to play audio samples at will we are able to perform a free flowing and ever adapting walkabout that is never the same twice. Interwoven into the walkabout is elements of our main narrative with little two to three minute scenarios and scenes being randomly played out where ever they happen. With the show being so adaptable we are able to change the tone and feel of our walkabout to suit any event and audience.

Our walkabouts normally lasts between twenty and fifty minutes at a time and can be added to the After the World Ended show for full effect.


world walker live



 From between the planes of consciousness exists reality. Here in this realm of natures constructions and machines, spirits ride the experience that they have come to call life.